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Frequently Asked Questions



Why are there so few questions to answer?

As pioneered by direct motor insurers some years ago, our "Statement of Fact" now replaces the old style, long winded proposal form that asked reams of unnecessary questions.

This Statement of Fact makes assumptions about your client and their business, which the insurers use to class them as a "standard policyholder". It is therefore important that you take a few minutes to check the statement with your client, especially if you are taking out cover.

What if my client can't comply fully with the Statement of Fact?

You can still obtain a premium indication, but you won't be able to obtain immediate cover. Details of why your client can't fully comply can be given on the "Confirm Details" page at the end of the quote process. We will then contact the insurers on your behalf and try to obtain a competitive quotation for your client.

Is the policy cover cut back to keep the premium down?

Definitely not - our policy is very comprehensive with many "optional extras" that other insurers charge for, automatically included as standard.

Look at what your client gets.

Can we start trading with Thornhill's immediately?

Yes - if you are not already registered with us, click on "Register Now" on the Home Page, print our Terms of Business Agreement (TOBA) and the "Risk Transfer" form, complete them and fax them to us on 01924 480106. We will then activate your account within 15 minutes.

What commission will we receive?

The system will automatically quote five levels of commission, i.e. 0%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% and you are free to choose which one you wish to take. Commission is payable on both new business and subsequent renewals.

Can we impose our own fee?

Yes - there is a facility on the quote system for you to impose a fee, which will appear on the policy schedule.

Can we print our clients policy documents immediately?

Yes - full policy documentation can be printed immediately.

The system will automatically produce the full Annual Schedule.

What about premium payment and collection?

  • Account
    When we receive a request for cover, a 21 day account will be sent to you.
  • Credit Card
    If you wish we can accept credit card payment from your client, whereupon a commission cheque will be sent to you.
  • Direct Debit
    We can also arrange an instalment plan - no deposit required, 10.00% interest charge (8.69% APR), over 9 months - the first instalment will be taken approx 14 days after inception. This can be done over the telephone, or if you wish we will fax a direct debit mandate to you.


Premium £420.00 inclusive
Interest (10.00%)   £42.00   (8.69% APR)
Total Financed £462.00
Divided into 9 monthly
instalments of:


What can I do if I'm not sure my client's business will fit onto your scheme?

If you are quoting on-line, give us a ring on 0800 8818841 and we can view the quote on-line together to see if we can agree a premium.

Alternatively, send us a fax with your client's details in the normal way

There is also a facility on the "Confirm Details" page of the quote process to explain any reasons why your client cannot comply fully with the 'Statement of Fact'.

Finally, don't be shy of simply picking up the phone and speaking to us - if we can't help we probably know someone who can!

Who are you, can I trust you?

Brian Thornhill & Son (Insurance Brokers) started over 25 years ago and now arranges insurance cover for many thousands of policyholders throughout the country.

We were founder members of "The Institute of Insurance Brokers" and our current regulatory body is the Financial Conduct Authority, as detailed on our home page.

Brian Thornhill & Son Insurance Brokers Ltd is a family run business that takes great pride and care in every insurance policy that we arrange.

Unlike most other internet scheme operators, you are most welcome to call and see us Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm.



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Look at some of the Benefits of the Cover Automatically Included in the Policy


For a full details of cover please refer to the policy document.



The above apply only to the main material damage and liability policy, and you should also refer to "The significant and unusual exclusions and limitations" that are found in the policy summary on the policy document page.