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Use Of Your Information


Thornhill Insurance may use information obtained from a number of sources including credit reference agencies. This helps us to confirm your identity, allows us to give you a quote and decide which payment options we can offer you, for example, paying monthly. Whilst you may see a record of this search if you request a Credit Report, this is not visible to any other organisation who may conduct credit searches and the search will not affect your credit record or credit rating in any way.


Thornhill Insurance may also check your information against a range of registers and anti-fraud databases for completeness and accuracy. We may also share your information with law enforcement agencies, other organisations and public bodies if we find that false or inaccurate information has been given to us, or we suspect fraud, we'll take appropriate action. If fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies and law enforcement agencies may access and use this information.


We and other organisations, including those from other countries, may also access and use this information to prevent fraud and money laundering, for example, when:


Please contact us at Thornhill Insurance, 334 Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 9DQ if you want to receive details of the registers and fraud prevention agencies.