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If you are looking to sell all, or even only part of your insurance business, we have a comprehensive set of deals ranging from upfront payments, to our unique "Half Commission for Life" Plan.

Now may not be the right moment, but at some time in the future we guarantee you won't regret contacting us and we are sure that we will have a facility that will interest you, your partners and your employees.


Would you rather be playing golf?


As we have agencies with many "A" Rated Insurers, your clients can be sure of a good home, which will safeguard your reputation for years to come. Regardless of the size of your book, from a few thousand pounds to several million pounds, we are interested in talking to you.

We pay all fees and arrange everything from start to finish. With a deal so simple, but secure for you - it can sometimes take only days to complete.

...So you may be on that golf course a great deal faster than you would have thought!


Contact Brian Thornhill on 01924 499182 or mobile 07900 971148 for a no obligation chat - you have no need to give your name - or email .

Needless to say all enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.



The Usual Questions and Answers


1. What are the usual deals on offer?

The Up Front Payment Plan is usually one to one and a half times your commission income and depends on the size of your agency (your "book") and the type of business handled.

More common is the Split Payment Plan - which can be up to two and a half times your commission income, again, depending on the size of your book and the type of business handled. Payment of half of your commission income is made immediately when we take over and the balance is usually paid according to the amount of retained/earned commission at the end of year one.

More and more popular is our unique Half Commission for Life deal. This is exactly as it says - we take over your book and pay you half the commission we earn from it - for life! For as long as your client stays with us, you will receive half the commission we receive from transacting their insurance business, which often far exceeds one and a half or two times the commission paid in the above mentioned deals. Consider this - if your client stays with us for ten years, that's a five times multiple of the commission income. With agencies with many "A" Rated Insurers and our renewal retention rates for both commercial and personal lines business currently running at 83%, your book could provide you with a long term income - a pension, payable monthly or quarterly to suit you.


2. Are there any other deals on offer?

More bespoke deals can be constructed depending on your requirements. You will find us very accommodating.


3. Will I and my fellow directors have to work during the hand over period?

No, although we do request that you attend when meeting major clients for the first time in order to aid client retention.


4. What about our employees?

We are always keen to take on quality staff. Where employees choose not to join us, we will provide redundancy assistance and advice.


5. What about our premises?

Where an agency size warrants it, we would be interested in taking on your premises, which would include taking over a lease, mortgage or buying the premises from you.


6. Who are Brian Thornhill and Son?

Started in 1982 by Brian Thornhill, we are very much a family business. Run by Husband and Wife Brian and Jacqui Thornhill and employing daughter Lucy full time, and indirectly daughter Sophie under a financial services umbrella company. We have a further team of 11 staff, many who have been with us for over 20 years, and we pride ourselves on being honourable people to do business with.